Wine to dispel first post fears

To be honest, I’m not nreally sure why I started this blog. Maybe it’s because someone told me all aspiring writers need to have a blog, or maybe its because i thought writers need to be able to use WordPress.

Either way- I’m here.

I have always felt I make more sense writing things down than I do speaking. When I speak I get flustered, I feel my ideas get jumbled up and anything remotely intelligent in my head comes out as pure nonsensical rubbish.

Writing makes so much more sense.

When I write I can feel ideas flowing out of me, as if my train of thought was running on the same track as my hand. My ideas take shape and I am able to make sense of everything in my head.

During school I enjoyed English but never excelled at it, I read books but never could recognise my love of reading. My passions were in play in my every day life so I had no chance to fight for them. During my last year of school we had to write a story for an assignment. This is where I discovered my joy of writing.

One thing which plagues me is confidence. I never said I wanted to be a writer, because it seemed so much more to me than I could ever hope to be. How could something I wrote stand up to Fitzgerald, Hemmingway or Voltaire?

I didn’t want to write something which was merely a story. I wanted it to make me feel how I felt when I read the stories of my favourite authors. How I fell into a book so deeply that I could barely find my way out at the end if each chapter.

How do you create something to stand up to that which means everything to you?

Either way, I’m going to start writing and see what happens.

Oh, and my name is Elizabeth.


“That moment wh…

“That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realise that everyone is just carrying on with their lives… As though you didn’t just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback”